Bi-State Fire Protection Corporation . is your premier commercial and industrial St. Louis fire protection contractor serving the needs of the greater St. Louis area and beyond. Whether you’re a contractor, engineer, developer, project manager or building owner, we’re ready to serve you with world-class fire protection. We install sprinkler systems for commercial structures, industrial buildings, government projects, and more. We offer new installations as well as system repair and inspection services.

Bi-State Fire Protection Corporations systems are vital when it comes to protecting life and property. Sprinkler systems start fighting potentially dangerous fires instantly once detected before the fire can spread and cause serious, even catastrophic damage. Our mission at Bi-State Fire Protection Corporation is to provide a full line of fire protection products and services in order to save lives and property.

Bi-State Fire Protection Corporation. is committed to being the premier choice for fire protection services in all of Greater St. Louis area We will accomplish this through excellent project delivery, a commitment to hassle-free customer service, competitive pricing, and professionalism in customer relationships.

When you call us for your fire protection needs, it’s the only call you’ll have to make.

 We provide complete services for:

  • Design 
  • Engineering/Consulting 
  • New Installation
  • Excavation 
  • Maintenance 
  • Retrofit 
  • Testing 
  • 24-hour Repair
We have in-house fabrication facilities and excavation services. 

Many of our competitors buy fabrication from outside sources. When you work with us, you can save money and time with no added charges for outside services and shipping. We can control delivery time by relying on our in-house fabrication so your deadlines can be met.

By having our own excavation services, we avoid another possible slowdown on your project and ensure your schedule.

Our safety record, insurance coverage and bonding capabilities illustrate the confidence we have earned from the construction industry and our clients.

 Many companies require a high standard of safety before that firm can work on their projects. They demand a low workmen’s compensation EMR rate. Our safety record consistently meets this requirement, reflecting our extensive, mandatory in-house safety program.

Our word is our bond, and that’s not all. Since 1980, we have completed every project we’ve ever started and have a current bonding capacity in excess of $10 million.

We base our reputation on your satisfaction.

 Your project is our priority, from our first conversation to the last bit of paperwork. Our quality of work and our work ethic center on you.

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24 Hour Emergency Service