Bi-State Fire Protection Corporation

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

For commercial clients seeking expertcontracting work on their fire sprinkler systems, there is one company with the expertise, respect, recognition, and resources to manage these projects: Bi-State Fire Protection Corporation.

Throughout the Greater St. Louis, Bi-State has a diverse portfolio of business; each client receives customized care and the due diligence necessary to guarantee a building, hotel or other property meets all regulatory guidelines. Bi-State performs these tasks with an exceptional degree of professionalism, backed by an impressive list of clients in St. Louis and elsewhere.

Our expertise extends to inspecting, installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems, which means we have the insight necessary to recommend the right products and services for our clients. More importantly, we are a trusted ally for buildings undergoing Title 19 inspections. We even offer FREE consultations, a guarantee we honor as proof of our commitment to promoting safety, maintenance and proper understanding of the lifesaving power of fire sprinklers. In fact, our knowledge of the regulations governing business zones and commercial properties is one of the chief reasons Bi-State stands apart from the competition: we remind building and factory owners, warehouse supervisors, and apartment managers of the value of choosing the right partner for their fire safety needs.

Led by Curt Dryer, President of Bi-State clients receive the benefit of a true fire safety expert. His guidance is clear and emphatic: that all clients should have an accredited, respected, qualified professional who will oversee the crucial investment involving fire safety.

We also install and maintain fire safety equipment, which complies with standards from the National Fire Protection Association (“NFPA”) and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. In other words, Bi-State is not just another company purporting to enter this specialized marketplace. Rather, we are – and continue to be – the go-to experts for commercial property owners who have specific needs, which must meet the stringent standards we defend and the government enforces. Bi-State is the answer to these issues.

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